Mark Steyn on Obama in Libya; “We don’t need DC’s approval, we’ve got the Arab League!”

Via Gateway Pundit, guess Mark Steyn was on Hannity tonight (I missed it, I was….ADD…) talking about the Obama 2012 Campaign Kickoff Speech;

Author columnist Mark Steyn told Sean Hannity tonight that regarding Obama’s leadership on the Libyan kinetic military man-caused disaster:

“I believe it’s a Canadian general who’s actually running the show. I said I thought it should be a Mexican general because as far as this administration is concerned this is clearly one of those jobs that Americans won’t do.”

All the way to the end of the clip Steyn says; “Obama’s going around saying: ‘…we don’t need the people’s representatives in Washington – we don’t need their approval; we’ve got the Arab League!'”

Earlier today, El Rushbo as I noted above thought of it more as a campaign speech;

My friends, I have an entirely different take on this speech last night. I don’t know how entirely different it is, now that I think about it. I look at some of the stuff I have in one of my stacks here, various media analyses. I think it’s an incorrect thing to look at Obama’s speech last night as a foreign policy speech. I think it’s a mistake to look at it as a speech on Libya and the war or “kinetic military activity.” He didn’t say “war.” I think the only proper way to look at this speech last night was as a campaign speech for 2012. This was a speech designed exclusively for domestic political consumption. This was not a speech about military policy. It was not a speech about foreign policy. It was a speech that Obama waited to give until he had a pretty good idea in his mind of the lay of the land. It was a speech that was given just like pretty much all of Obama’s speeches, a speech in which he’s jockeying for position. It’s all about making him look good. The key to this speech last night was the president of the United States told a known coward, Moammar Khadafy, that the world would be better off if he weren’t part of it.

No I didn’t catch Obama’s speech yesterday, that’s why I pay Steyn, Hannity, and Rush; to listen to that crap for me. My built-in BS detector will notify me if any of the aforementioned are off the mark, and they rarely are.

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