Herman Cain forced to prove he never supported segregation?

Yeah…believe it;

Believe it or not, believe it or not, Cain’s team had to put this video out in order to debunk the insane claim from some on the left that … Cain supported segregation. Matt Lewis asked him a question during an interview about his memories of Jim Crow and he answered with a story about him and his brother as kids sneaking a drink from a “whites only” water fountain and comparing it to the water in a “coloreds only” fountain. The lesson Cain learned: “The water tastes the same!
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I always find it odd that libs assume only black Democrats were subjected to racism, not even considered is the possibility that conservative blacks faced the same things; they just rose above it and prospered, usually without having to resort to government intervention. And before those same libs get ticked off, I don’t consider law enforcement doing its job “government intervention”.

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