If there’s weakness in the House, then it’s time to get fired up again

With Speaker John Boehner’s leadership thus far, he’s earned the House of Representatives a new nickname; “The Waffle House“. People who worked hard to see conservatives elected and to have “The Gavel” pried from Pelosi’s claw weren’t expecting to see timidity in reversing our nation’s backward slide beyond the ditch and off into the abyss. We expected results.

True, the Senate and the Oval Office currently belong to the left, but trust once broken is a hard thing to simply ask for; it has to be earned. Repeatedly.

It’s therefore not simply enough for Boehner just to say “Trust me” and go about nickel and diming his way through the budget battles ahead; it’s time to pick a fight with the left in the House and Senate. Make the Senate actually use the filibuster, make Obama actually use a veto or two. Shut down the government if that’s what it takes, and explain to the people who put him in control of the House why he’s taking drastic steps. Show them what can and will happen if the debt isn’t reversed.

And forget about the “…but BUUUUUSH…” crowd, Bush isn’t President and hasn’t been in over two years now. Obama owns this now. Make it his.

Time for us to get fired up again; April 15 is just around the corner and both sides need a reminder;

Video h/t Brent Teichman and Caleb Howe, another great job by Ben Howe;


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