How does a Middle Eastern terrorist become who he/she is?

It starts when they’re young, emulating their “heroes”. When kids in the west would play “Army” or “Cops and Robbers”, or “Cowboys and Indians”, kids in the middle east have different role models – suicide-bombing martyrs.

This report from the UK Mail Online (via The Blaze), shows kids engaged in a role playing game that could only be called “Blow Up The Infidels”;

A shocking video has emerged from Pakistan depicting children role-playing a Taliban suicide bombing.
The 84-second clip shows Pashtun children recreating a terrorist attack, with one boy dressed in black – the ‘bomber’ – being embraced and wished well by his friends before setting off on his deadly mission.
In the single-take video, the ‘bomber’ then approaches another boy, dressed in white, who appears to be mimicking a member of the security forces and tries to stop him.


They learn to love killing you and themselves from very early on, yet there are some who believe they can be reasoned with?

Don’t let them bet your life on it. Get involved and get them out of power.



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