Bin Laden threatens France for being in Afghanistan. France is IN Afghanistan?

Yeah, heard all the “Surrender Monkey” jokes already, and I usually pass them on due to the French propensity to poop on all things American. I remember the crap about Hezbollah and France’s refusal to designate them a terrorist group, too many others to even dig up now. That would be an “I digress” moment.

But when “Bin Laden” (or his robot/Muppet surrogate) released yet another audio tape (today, I believe) claiming France will pay a “high price” for its policies in Afghanistan, my first thought was “France is in Afghanistan? Since when?”

Since November 2001, it seems. No kidding.

I wondered about them Frenchies possibly being in combat somewhere in CENTCOM, and I went looking for them.

Found ’em.

You know, I suppose it could be said we don’t hear much about armies of other nations helping us in Afghanistan or Iraq because that would legitimize our mission there and the weenies who like to tell us to look to other nations for how our foreign policy should be conducted would have to STFU.

They sure don’t say a lot these days about how Obama would do things versus how Bush did it.


h/t Stacy McCain


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