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Maxine LOVES her new health care…not

Via Jan;   Let me get this straight . . .. . We’re going to be “gifted” with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, Which purportedly covers at least ten million more people, without adding a single new … Continue reading

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Video: US Marines (3rd Battalion 1st Marines Iraq Fallujah 2004). And then it gets interesting…

This started as a simple video post to my personal blog, but then somehow leftist politics intruded… Best video I think I’ve seen so far, MarineGirl85 added this to YouTube several years ago, but it got yanked for copyright infringement … Continue reading

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Finally a Medal of Honor winner receives the award and lives to tell the tale

The list of Medal of Honor recipients is full of awardees who received their award posthumously, as the Medal of Honor itself as described doesn’t easily lend itself to the living [my emphasis]; Sec. 578.4 Medal of Honor. (a) Criteria. … Continue reading

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Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North on why our military is the best in the world

Via Ashley; This video brought me to tears at RPLAC last night… Serious, don’t expect to watch this and not cry. If you ever needed an answer as to why our military does what they do, watch this.

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Every time I think about how far left California is and how messed up things are…

…I watch this video again Tuesday wasn’t exactly what we’d hoped for in California. The Tsunami that rolled from the east stopped in the west at the Colorado River, or basically the Pacific Time Zone was excluded. Sucks to be … Continue reading

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Such a pretty shade of red!

Gotta love that! Note; even California is mostly red, except, you know, where the dupes concentrate.

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The Next Step for Conservatives?

Muhaha And if any “RINOs” get in the way, the sound they make will be, strangely enough; “squish”.

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