“Alleged” Cleveland Tourism Board Fail

Well it could have gone down the way this guy claimed

Via Rachel;

bishopvids | April 14, 2009

The Cleveland Tourism Board gave me 14 million dollars about 8 months ago to make a promotional video to bring people to Cleveland. As usual, I waited till the last minute and I ended up having to shoot and edit it in about an hour yesterday afternoon. I probably should have invested more time.


Well, if at first you don’t succeed;

bishopvids | April 30, 2009

So The Cleveland Board of Tourism was not happy with the first video that I turned in. In fact, they said that upon viewing it, three of the board members moved away.

They insisted that I turn in a proper Cleveland tourism video, otherwise they will pursue litigation.

So I was really planning on buckling down and giving it my all this time, but there was a “Rock of Love” marathon on VH1 last night that I didn’t want to miss, so I cranked this video out in even less time than the first one. Roughly 35 minutes total.

Despite this, I’m rather pleased with how it turned out, and I think they will be too.


Next, we’ll see what he does with Obama stimulus money.


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  1. Oh my – laughing and crying too – but it really does sum up both the problem and the solution if we weren’t so lost in the rhetoric of compassion with other people’s money and endless wars overseas maybe we could see our own blindness . . .

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