Mark Levin destroys Gloria Allred re: “The Abused Housekeeper” of Meg Whitman


Allred at DNC Convention-No bias here

Gloria Allred, the “Media Whore” who shows up whenever there’s a woman involved in anything news-worthy, inserted herself in the California Governor’s race the other day, which was covered by Allahpundit here so I’m spared a recap.

Excuse me, but the “Abused Housekeeper” was paid $23/hr to do errands and housekeeping. Anyone saying she’s “abused” with a straight face is a hack and an idiot.

Interesting to me in all this was Allred consented to go on the Mark Levin Radio Show, where she ultimately tipped her hand; this isn’t about “poor abused Nikki”, it’s about politics and pulling another October Surprise (in September this time), similar to the one Allred pulled on Ah-nold;

This is not the first time Allred has injected herself into a campaign in the closing days. In 2003, a former stuntwoman hired Allred to pursue claims of sexual assault and defamation against now-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. That suit was dismissed.

I say Allred “tipped her hand”, because at the end of the interview she did with Levin, she said this;

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“If Meg Whitman lied to the public, should she be Governor of California?”

Sorry, Gloria? I thought this was about “the Nikkis”.

You hack.

Full Levin interview below or at Mark Levin’s website.

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2 Responses to Mark Levin destroys Gloria Allred re: “The Abused Housekeeper” of Meg Whitman

  1. acheapmom says:

    Have read ABC’s written commentary (slanted WAY towards Allred!!!), saw Greta Van Sustern’s interview on TV w/Allred, and read the Whitman response…

    Hope Whitman spends some cash to put out major Spanish Language ads…explaining – in detail – how Allred used and abused an illegal alien….

    This Allred using Nikky case should be USED in logic and rhetoric classes.and legal ethics a PRIME Example of what NOT to do…The illogic of Allred – and the many holes in her supposed reeasoning are bigger than the holes in California sequoia trees.

    i.e. a feeding Frenzy for Mark Levin…who is good at pouncing on much more subtle illogic than Allred’s illogic…

    (Allred – on Susteren’s show – held up the mostly irrelevant Social Security “nmber doesn’t exactly match” like it was a banner of righteousness—instead of the minor nonissue it was!!!)

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