Andrew Klavan tackles the Ground Zero Mosque, answers the question; “Does Islam suck or what?”

Andrew Klavan gave us this gem fully explaining all liberal arguments in less than five minutes. He then enlightened us on racism and answering the eternal question about Barack Hussein Obama; is he Jesus?

Now Andrew Klavan boils it all down yet again, with respect to an Imam wanting to build a mosque not two blocks from where 3,000 Americans dies in the name of Allah, answering the question; ” Does Islam suck or what??”

Via Pajamasmedia (with a h/t to Moonbattery);


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4 Responses to Andrew Klavan tackles the Ground Zero Mosque, answers the question; “Does Islam suck or what?”

  1. Adam says:


    The whole problem is that people confuse terrorists and Islam. That’s the only way that comparisons to Nazi Germany can exist or why people would think that it is insulting to the families of those who died on 9/11. If people saw the light and realized that these two groups are two different entities, they’d realize that it doesn’t matter if there is a mosque next to Ground Zero, because those people’s religious beliefs aren’t the ones that fueled the attack on America.

    That’s why people who don’t like the mosque are called Islamophobes. Because they don’t see a difference between terrorism and real Islam. And they come out with videos called “Does Islam suck or what?”. And they make comments like “Why would anyone be phobic about Islamics” sarcastically, implying that they themselves sympathize and understand Islamophobes. By the way, what in the world is an Islamic??

    These Muslims aren’t trampling on American’s hearts. That would only be valid if all Muslims agreed with Bin Laden and followed the same tenets as he does. Clearly that is not the case.

    This video really is a gem because it clearly sums up to intelligent people that the majority view of “I don’t hate Islam but I think the building of the mosque is insensitive” really means “All Muslims are clearly terrorists, and this mosque is a monument to terrorism”.

    Just stand up and say it: I hate Islam, all of these people are terrorists, and that’s why I don’t want this mosque built. I’d much rather see that than a nation proclaim themselves pro-Muslim and then deny those people religious liberty.

    Good Lord

    • So I take it you still are believing what you want to believe about people who oppose the mosque, despite having it laid out for you in video form.
      They have every right to build the mosque, that said should they?
      If it’s to “build bridges”, they’re doing a horrible job of it deciding to put it in that particular location. Demonizing the naysayers is further proof that it’s not about “bridges”, but conquest.
      Just stand up and say it: I hate Americans who disagree with me, all TEApartiers are “teabaggers”, America is bad and that’s why I’m supporting the mosque and paying no attention to counter-arguments.
      Didn’t even watch the video, did you? He put out a good case, even if his language may have offended you.
      Read this.

  2. Jon Malkin says:

    Instead of not building Disney World at Hiroshima, one should not build a church near Hiroshima. After all it was the cursing Baptist that gave the order. Any churches near Hiroshama would suck. I hope the Quakers will never build there.

  3. Adam says:

    Erick, I don’t think that the mosque should be built anymore because, as you said, it clearly isn’t building bridges. That said, when the original idea of the mosque was brought about, I’m sure the builders thought that Americans would be able to see a difference between their religion and that of the terrorists.

    But what I am trying to say is that people who oppose the mosque are not distinguishing between the terrorist’s ideology and true Islam. That’s why some people seem to oppose it. The mosque can’t be a monument and it can’t be insensitive if you see Islam and what those terrorist nutjobs practice as two different entities. That much is obvious and is a logical conclusion to make.

    Look, I don’t hate Americans who disagree with me but I am upset at this media circus and politics and how many people seem to be misunderstanding Islam. Also, the Tea Party has nothing to do with this. They are a grassroots movement that present concern about the deficit and the economy, not this mosque. I have no problem with the Tea Party because their concerns are reasonable.

    Let me break this down your argument for you:
    1. I don’t want the Ground Zero Mosque to be built.


    2. Because it is insensitive to the families of all those who died on 9/11.


    3. Because terrorists blew up the towers in the name of Islam and Allah.

    That is all of these people’s line of reasoning and it clearly shows that they do not discriminate between terrorism and Islam. That is what is so unnerving.

    And that article you posted is just regurgitating Islamophobia in a concealed way. Once again, using a range of hypothetical situations to prove the mosque wrong is a foolish thing to do because none of those situations can correctly encapsulate the delicateness of this situation, where an entire religion must answer for the crimes of an insane few.

    Look buddy, don’t be foolish. I’ve correctly identified the mindset of the majority view. As much as people try and veil their hatred and misunderstanding of Islam, it shines through to anyone not blinded by emotion.

    But we at least agree on one thing. Due to the wave of public opinion, this mosque should not be built. All I can see coming from this is further Anti-Muslim sentiments.

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