I miss having a Commander in Chief who respects us

or even LIKES us

Via Hot Air

Whatever you say about George W. Bush (and his father, for that matter), at least he had utmost respect for his troops and gets max props for that.

Recently my former Commander in Chief surprised troops arriving at DFW with a handshake courtesy of the USO and SLANT 45;

PhotobucketAs 145 American soldiers walked from their plane into Terminal D at DFW International Airport Wednesday morning, they were completely surprised to be greeted by President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush in a rousing SLANT 45 reception.

The crowd included military veterans, key members of Big Thought, the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee and a large group of shining faces belonging to the Patriots football squad from the Boys & Girls Club of Collin County.

Jeff Fegan, DFW International Airport’s CEO and the Chair of the Host Committee’s Aviation Action Team, also joined the crowd.

The Patriots, 33 of them ranging from ages 4 to 12, compose a winning football team in Collin County. And they have banded together under Regina Higgins, their Community Service Director, to form a winning SLANT 45 team.

As former Presidents go, the Bushes are a class act.


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Living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a son, and two daughters. Working two jobs (welcome to California life), plus a (now retired) reservist in the US Navy Seabees so life is busy!
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18 Responses to I miss having a Commander in Chief who respects us

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Too bad he got us into two wars where everything would have to go right for us to win and with Bush, everything went wrong – mainly due to incompetence and cronyism. It’s cost us over a trillion dollars, all respectability in world affairs, and the lives of thousands of U.S. soldiers, not to mention the 100s of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians.

    Real classy, Bush. Real classy.

    • “Cronyism”?? LOL what do you call the Obama Administration, how by the way, how are THEY doing at getting the wars wrapped up?
      He sets an arbitrary exit date, similar to his GITMO departure date (throwing at a dartboard?), how do you think he’ll do at keeping that date? Fat chance.
      You want to talk about money spent? Guess the domestic agenda is going your way?
      Lastly, since my phone is ringing off the hook, exactly where do you get your numbers on Iraqi/Afghan civilian deaths?
      Get real, Bush at least likes his trooops and goes out of his way to show appreciation, Obama can’t seem to be bothered. Why? Because he has no concept of service, and less class.
      The whole idea of my post was that Bush didn’t have to be at DFW greeting the troops, he could have been “conspiring” with Cheney and Rove to “raise oil prices” or something.
      Good DAY Sir!

    • jim says:

      Would those be the two wars that the Dems in Congress voted for? Ya know, the Iraq war that your boy Harry said was lost right before Bush and Petraeous doubled down and handed victory over to the Iraqi people and your man Obama?

      And if you think that the world ‘respects’ us now that Obama’s completed his “apologize for America” tours, you’re obviously conflating ‘respect’ with derision and mocking disdain.

    • Aaron Gardner says:

      I’m not going to mince words here Ben … you suck at life. Now go back to your mom’s basement.

    • Stix says:

      Ummm Really WTF are you talking about?????? “100s of thousands of civilian deaths. I see you follow revisionist history like your Comrade Howard Zinn.

    • By the way, “Ben”, is that the only way you can get traffic, to squat on Drudge.com?
      That’s funny…

    • Dienekes says:


      Though Bush can be faulted for many things (like not nuking/leveling the shit out of the Afghanistan mountains to deny Al Quaeda & OBL a place to hide) he is still a far cry better than the jackass in there now.

      More importantly, the fucking morons like you who still blame Bush for the fact that they were not aborted coming out of the womb are getting old.

      Now, go die, you POS.

  2. nessa says:

    Keep using the same tired old arguments Ben. You’re brilliant! What happened, Organizing For America stop sending you new talking points?

  3. Ben Hoffman says:

    Ha! What a bunch of little sheep! Don’t let facts get in the way of your opinions little sheep. Baaaaaaaah…

  4. I don’t miss Bush at all.

    Surely we can do better than bailouts on the left and bailouts on the right and playing ping pong between the parties.

    I am suggesting (hoping even) that we get back to servant leaders under the Constitution before it is too late . . .

  5. No Left Len says:

    Say what you want about Bush…But I think it is obvious that his love of his country comes from his heart and I think history will treat him well. How do you think history will treat this poor excuse for a president. It is like a far fetched movie where the enemy has penetrated the presidency.

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