What is Jason Allen (Mi-1 GOP race) waiting for? Going to give up, recount, or pull an Algore?

A closer race you couldn’t ask for. Dr. Dan Benishek running against Jason Allen for the 1st Congressional District in Michigan, was up by as little as one vote on Tuesday with both candidates declaring victory, and up by as many as 12 votes as of yesterday (I’,m hearing thru the grapevine that it may be a 14 vote lead for Benishek as of today).
Yesterday Jason Allen was backing off his victory claim, but still hopeful;

DETROIT (AP) – Republican state Sen. Jason Allen of Alanson has backed away from an election-night claim that he’d won the 1st District congressional nomination.

Allen campaign manager Jeremy Hendges said Thursday the campaign is pulling back the claim based on unofficial vote counts from The Associated Press and the secretary of state’s office that put Crystal Falls surgeon Dan Benishek slightly ahead.

Early Wednesday, Allen’s campaign sent out a news release that said he was “honored to have earned the Republican nomination in the general election.”

Both the AP and state counts have Benishek ahead by 12 votes.

Still, Hendges says they’re “certainly not packing up shop by any means,” and the campaign is eager to see if the total changes when the votes are canvassed.

No candidate wants to throw in the towel too soon if there’s hope of pulling ahead, but at this point the totals are tricking away from Allen and he’s left with one real option; and expensive recount that would suck campaign funds from the eventual GOP nominee who will definitely need that money leading into November. Pretty sure there’s be no SEIU help for either candidate on the GOP side.

Another possibility would be waiting for absentee ballots, but they had to be in by August 3, so unless the Algore option is employed by one candidate; trying to get late ballots counted even though the rules are pretty clear they can’t be…what’s the hold up? November is right around the corner, and it’s getting time to gear up for that rather than waste more time with the primary.

Allen needs to concede and move on, or start thinking seriously about it at least.


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