Another “Border Skirmish” in the TEA Party War? Glenn Beck isn’t helping…

Glenn Beck has a job to do; it is to get ratings primarily but beyond that he is a valued teacher within the conservative movement who provides the information to enable you and me to educate our family and friends on what the left is doing to our country; to enable us explain who Obama really is to the Star Struck and the American Idol voters we all know and love in our lives and hopefully enlighten them.

On Friday, July 30th, Glenn Beck had an on-air meeting in his weekly Refounding America show with the so-called TEA Party leaders in America (actually five Tea party leaders), four were in studio and one was by phone.

First, let me throw some background at you on what I’ve witnessed over the last year (has it been that long?). Since last year watching the whole Top Conservatives on Twitter (TCOT) leadership fiasco, I had a sneaking suspicion that a greater struggle would soon begin over who was the “Leader” of the TEA Party. It seemed to me and others that a foot race had begun with several former politicians and other people with means, on seeing the beginnings of a grass fire popular conservative movement, trying to sprint out in front of the thing and yell “Look at me! Over here! Carry my sign and buy my t-shirts!” The left was only too willing to point to some of these people as evidence of an Astroturf movement, rather than the real ground-up movement it was and is today.

In the midst of all this, I had been given (accepted) co-admin responsibility of the California TCOT .ning site (which has since been shuttered due to pricing changes at Ning), and began trying to gather information on all the California groups I could to develop CATCOT into a sort of clearinghouse where a person could go to find information on events happening in their area. I emailed Mark Meckler about having somebody list their events at the CATCOT site, and gave up after one email when I was told, basically, “List your events on our site.” I’m paraphrasing, but whatever.

After that I learned about egos and herding cats was going to be a waste of my time. I started trolling Facebook pages looking for event information to post at CATCOT, but gave up after a couple months when my co-admin got busy with her own group and I had military and family stuff to deal with, so I eventually gave that up too and checked the dying site for spammers occasionally, but basically just let it quietly die.

The whole TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party concept to me was and remains a way for like-minded conservatives to meet, “conspire”, and enjoy each other’s company while comparing notes on various conservative candidates and politicians, then go home and put those ideas into action on the ground in support of candidates. At first it was a way to warn the DC establishment gang that there are consequences to their actions and inactions, and those consequences are in the form of removing them from their cushy jobs and replacing them with real representatives of We the People. We marched; we blew the DC establishment types away with our sudden surge and left them afraid for the first time in ages that they might just have gone too far. They squirmed, they threw their political speak at us which to their surprise no longer worked, and they sought to minimize us and put us in a box which they could conveniently label and then ignore. We wouldn’t let them; any of them

On the left and right, in both major parties, there is plenty of room to improve. I’ve heard it said that the TEA Party idea crosses party lines, and I’ve witnessed this first hand. Plenty of Democrats are not only disillusioned with their party’s antics, but outraged by what they’ve seen of late. They find themselves today where we in the Republican Party were just a couple of years ago, glad their side is in charge, but not sure if what they’re seeing is especially good. Where do they go? What do they do?

So now we come back to Friday’s Glenn Beck program and some of the infighting that was painfully on display;

…This is a sad day… Just listen to both clips from today… I don’t see my Tea Party representative leadership there because there is none… there is no one who represents me or my vote. To trash one TEA Party organization while uplifting others due to one member’s behavior doesn’t cut it, unless they all were corrupt (not unlike our current government’s administration… eh?). To chastise Amy [Amy Kremer at Tea Party Express]
after she was off the phone was chicken. I expect better from those who want to unite Patriots not cause a fight…

Two YouTube videos embedded at the above linked site show how Glenn Beck, seemingly wanting to “get to the bottom” of the Mark Williams controversy, grilled Amy Kremer on why she didn’t properly throw Williams under the bus after he made his idiotic rant which he posted at his weblog. As Aaron Gardner writes;

Mark Williams is a complete moron for writing that piece when and how he wrote it. It surpasses the level of stupid often relegated to Ron Paul. He gave the NAACP exactly what they wanted. He allowed himself to become distracted and lashed out in emotional response.

I agree with Aaron, in fact I was one of the ones who went to the comments section of that Williams post and “returned rant” at Williams for coming across as an arrogant jerk toward one commenter who politely suggested the Mark may want to consider the ramifications of the garbage he had written (my words, not those of the commenter which were polite as hell, considering how condescending Williams turned out to be toward him). Anyway, this is in the weeds and ADD may be kicking in, so bear with me.

Mouth in the South continues after the video clips;

I might point out that this has already become fodder for the Loony Left. I don’t think this was intentional, but I think it’s time to get back to basics. Is it time to unite or has it become time to pick a fight within the conservative movement? There are critical issues for our country these days and times and this moment is sad! This is not a popularity contest and Patriots are not becoming wealthy! Sorry Glenn, you did offend!

Now, a good history lesson concerning Mark Williams can be found here, if you want to delve, the real point that Amy Kremer made, which was totally (I think) ignored by Glenn Beck, may be found here in the video; “The time has come to put down the protest signs and pick up the campaign signs, because that’s how we’re going to affect change is at the ballot box.” she said.

And that is the bottom line. It’s time to get out the vote, get conservative candidates elected to public office and dump the liberals on both sides of the isle. If whatever TEA Party group that exists isn’t today focused on that very thing, they are a waste of time, energy, and focus, and we should run as far away from them as possible, as fast as possible.

I’m not saying Tea Party Express is doing more along the lines of Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) than Tea Party Patriots, or Tea Party Whatever, or vice versa, and frankly I’m sick of the infighting. Screw them all if they can’t play nice and work together on one common goal, GOTV.

There is gobs of stuff available on why to get out the vote and how, starting right here;

Unlike the Left, this road map is being posted out in the open for all to see. Why? Because the Left has its battle plans to take over America and it is time YOU learned their ground game and used it to reclaim this country.

Your numbers are greater. Your resolve is superior.  And, unlike theirs, your cause is moral.

In just a few months, America’s future will be determined by YOU and your ability to turn agitation and activism into concrete results.

The whole Glenn Beck Show episode should be available here eventually, if it’s not already, but seriously, Beck needs to not only inform and get his viewers fired up and motivated to change the system, but also maybe kind of nudge them in the right direction as well. At this point, with one episode anyway, he seems to be stoking the very fires he seeks to quench on the left with their “Ah HA!” tactics, and the left has ammunition enough to de-motivate the right without Beck “putting it on the chalkboard” for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I watch Beck’s show pretty much nightly, and I’d even take notes were it not so close to bedtime for me. In fact, I watch his show in bed, (11PM Pacific), so the dots he connects can be the stuff of nightmares, literally.

To be sure I wasn’t off base with my line of thinking, I sent a draft of this to a friend who goes by ColdWarrior at and asked him what he thought. ColdWarrior is a guy who can take a discussion about what’s the best kind of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins and turn it into a discussion about how important it is to not only get involved politically, but also to become a Precinct Committeeman in the GOP and take over the party from within. What he wrote back totally went where I was going, but used a lot less words. I hereby commandeer a paragraph, well, two;

Glenn Beck invited the leaders of five grass roots conservative “tea party” and “9.12” organizations to his program ostensibly to discuss with them what they were DOING to make a difference politically in light of the fact that, despite all their rallies and protests, the Democrats passed Obamacare anyway. 

But, despite a one hour discussion, the ONLY substantive, concrete thing uttered came from Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express who, rather spending her time basking in Beck’s glow on the program was up in Alaska actually making a real difference working on a campaign.  She managed to get this sound bite into her remarks:  “[U]timately I think that what we need is to focus on is getting true conservatives elected to office.  The time has come to put down the protest signs and pick up the campaign sings and get involved because that’s how we’re truly going to affect changes at the ballot box.”

Ummm, yeah, what he said.


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6 Responses to Another “Border Skirmish” in the TEA Party War? Glenn Beck isn’t helping…

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  2. One of Glenn’s guests was Mike Kibbe from FreedomWorks (who forgot to so much as crack a smile) goodness what a stern face he had throughout the program. I was watching the show hoping for solidarity and unitization of the Tea Party Colonies, but instead what I got out of it was (we’re all in this together but are intent in our separation). Baloney! None of them were speaking for the Tea Party people I know. I emailed Mr. Kibbe and received a message that said my email to him couldn’t get through to his Blackberry. Why not? And perhaps it did push through the stratosphere to his Blackberry after all, we’ve all gotten those mail demons and still received the email. This was my email to Kibbe — perhaps he will read it here and reply this time.

    Hi Mike,
    Yes I saw you on the program, I never miss Glenn’s show.
    I am going to 8-28 Restoring Honor, and I am one person who has posted (blogged) dismay with all these offshoots of the Tea Party.
    1. They all are asking for money for something or other now.
    2. 9-12 originally was an event like 8-28 is. Most of the people who went were already part of the Tea Party movement. How that event then became it’s own separate “group” is beyond most of us. If that happened to 9-12 then, by the same token, will an 8-28 group spring up too?

    I only want to be in one church, in the same pew, like founder Rev. Witherspoon preached. As he asked if all believed in a creator; I have always believed there should be one Christian Church since I was a little kid. Not any of the denominations appeal to me. That’s why I like the Tea Party movement, not 9-12, or any of the rest of the divisions of it.

    What I witnessed today on Beck’s show didn’t do one thing to change my mind. The one group is mad at the other group because of that racist guy, Mark Williams’ remarks, while other man on Beck’s panel made it quite clear that his group endorses candidates; and the woman on the phone said her group did too.

    3. It has been my understanding that we as a group endorse NO ONE candidate. We teach people that they need to do their homework and become knowledgeable about the candidates, by going to their websites, Googling them, and if they have one — looking at their voting record AND DECIDE FOR OURSELVES. What I got out of that show today was everyone was happy with their piece of the Tea Party pie, and “none of us are racists”. Duh!

    I saw a video clip, where some racist guy was at a tea party, and one of the organizers asked that person to leave and disassociate himself from the TP, and to stop with his KKK comments as they are not the views of the TP people. That was exactly the right action to take.

    Frankly I was appalled by that man in the black turtleneck for being so proud of the fact that “he” was endorsing so and so AND NAMED THEM.
    I hope every one of you and those groups who were not represented there today join together, connect all of us dots, and stop all this division. There should be one church! We believe in God, many are Christians, we believe in small government, we want lower taxes, we want to be heard by our elected public servants and believe in Liberty, not tyranny.

    • Well said!
      You know, I don’t even begrudge those people in the TEA party groups trying to scramble to the top, it’s what America is all about. The natural inclination of Americans is to struggle to excel, better oneself, and maybe gather others under their own personal flag. It’s what freedom gives us.
      BUT, that said, when they start to say they “speak for all of us”, that’s when I cry “baloney” too.
      Like I said, I don’t care who’s mad at who and I don’t care why either. Right now, today, if these clowns aren’t trying to Get Out The Vote for conservatives, then they’re just another part of the problem as much as the Left is.
      Yeah, I saw that video you mentioned, they weren’t putting up with that guy at all. That’s another thing I’m glad to see.

  3. joeh says:

    I didn’t know anyone acually listened to Glenn Beck .

  4. joeh says:

    what a scary dude.

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