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Definition of Social Justice

Via Ben Howe; Advertisements

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Not surprised, John McCainwasn’t impressed with teh Won’s speech either

Via Jim Hoft;

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The Obligatory “Leftist Knotheads” at Glenn Beck’s Restoring America rally in DC and via Twitter

You just knew somebody would get these guys on camera It had to be a Howe! Ben Howe, in fact, utterly destroyed these guys and their moronic “arguments”. On guy even steps in to “handle this” so his friend (who … Continue reading

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Andrew Klavan tackles the Ground Zero Mosque, answers the question; “Does Islam suck or what?”

Andrew Klavan gave us this gem fully explaining all liberal arguments in less than five minutes. He then enlightened us on racism and answering the eternal question about Barack Hussein Obama; is he Jesus? Now Andrew Klavan boils it all … Continue reading

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How many more blatant Obama lies will liberals put up with? Amnesty by Executive Order

Remember when the story broke about a memo being reviewed by ICE officials which would “…serve as a substitute for comprehensive immigration reforms.”? Team Obama poo pooed that, saying it was just “discussion” and saying “nobody should mistake deliberation and … Continue reading

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Governor Christie of NJ is fast becoming my hero

Via YID With LID; After making a bid for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal education reform money, New Jersey fell three points short of receiving “Race to the Top” funding. The reason for falling shored was an error … Continue reading

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Liberal Policies turn Venice Beach, CA into a cesspool-literally

It’s not just the economic downturn to blame for the hundreds of homeless people living in RVs for days at a time on the streets or parking lots in Venice Beach; the area has become a magnet for the homeless … Continue reading

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