Here’s a birthday present with class enough for our President

An email message titled “Will you wish Barack a happy birthday with me?” arrived to email in-boxes across the country the other day, coming from “Michelle Obama”. I got one, personalized “To Erick” even.

Michelle wants the O-bots to all wish Barack a Happy Birthday…and send him lots and lots of money;

( – It seems like a nice gesture – an e-mail message from a loving wife, urging thousands of people to join her in wishing her husband a happy 49th birthday by signing an electronic birthday card.

But in Washington, D.C., nothing is that simple.

The wife, in this case, is first lady Michelle Obama, and the message is being sent by the Democratic Party to people on its list nationwide. And underlying the birthday wishes, the message is political: The electronic card to Barack Obama also is a Democratic Party fundraiser.

Then Michelle blasts off to Spain with 200 or so of her closest friends, ditching hubby Barack on his all-important birthday.

Michelle Obama will make an official visit with Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia. I suppose that is to justify the use of tax-payer dollars for the vacation and maybe so the Obama’s can take any personal expenses off their taxes? Ha!

Mrs. Obama’s time in Spain will be closed to the press in its entirety. Including the ‘official’ visit with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia. I guess that means no photo-ops for the Spaniards.

All I can say is the Jolie-Pitts have nothing on the Obamas!

Yeah, ummmm, thanks?

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