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The same Government that wants us to “Trust Them” with our health care can’t even manage dead people?

After the Democrats said “Trust us” and “You’ll just have to pass it to see what’s in it” with their Health Care Deform bill, despite our protests and polls showing a majority was against the measure, they passed it anyway. … Continue reading

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Amnesty for Illegals by Executive Order now? Is this what Obama’s coming to?

Really, by now how could anyone be surprised if the “Most Transparently Arrogant President in Our Time”© would not be considering such a move, which apparently he is; A group of Republican senators has written to top immigration officials in … Continue reading

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Here’s a birthday present with class enough for our President

An email message titled “Will you wish Barack a happy birthday with me?” arrived to email in-boxes across the country the other day, coming from “Michelle Obama”. I got one, personalized “To Erick” even. Michelle wants the O-bots to all … Continue reading

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