I’m late to the Megyn Kelly/Kirsten Powers slap down, it seems

I was dying to see this all day

About half hour after this happened on Fox News’ America Live with Megyn Kelly I was hearing about this through the grapevine (work in other words), and I dodged an afternoon brush fire traffic slowdown to get home to see this.

I say “late”, because it seems every major blog has this on its front page already. I’ll quote from my homies y’all;

Earlier today, Megyn Kelly of Fox News had Kirsten Powers on to talk about the Justice Department’s handling of the Voter Intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party(NBPP). Specifically, Brad Sherman’s [Democrat representing CA-27], reaction to a constituent question on the subject.

Best part, I think anyway, is when Kirsten starts the “But Buuuuuushhhhh!!1!” meme up. Megyn’s eyes get that “Here we go with that crap?!” look, and the Final Protective Fire moment begins.

I heart Megyn Kelly. Awesome incarnate.

[UPDATE] Brad Sherman is a punk. That is all.

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