In case you’re not sure of the NAACP’s racist intentions…

You can’t just be black in America, you have to be liberal and black

I fully believe the left agenda is to fuel a race war, a terrorist attack, anything that would give their US leadership an excuse to invoke more restrictions on our freedoms “for our own good”.

Well, on the race end of things, we’ve seen the Obama Attorney General dismiss charges against two New Black Panther members who were “guarding” the entrance to a polling place with nightsticks in November 2008.

Those same thugs were ordered to “stay away” from any polling place “until 2012”, coincidentally, the year Obama is up for re-election.

We’ve also witnessed through local activists who record everything, just in case, the beatdown of Kenneth Gladney by SEIU thugs (one white and one black).

Kenneth Gladney is black, but it seems, not black enough for the NAACP;

On May 5th, 2010 The Missouri NAACP hosted a press conference and rally on behalf of Perry Molens and Elston McCowan, demanding the county prosecutor drop assault charges stemming from an attack outside Russ Carnahan’s townhall in South St. Louis County on Health Care last August. Molens and McCowan were arrested after the staged Carnahan event in August after they beat, kicked and stomped on black vendor Kenneth Gladney. The two Russ Carnahan supporters and SEIU members also called Kenneth the n-word as they bashed him into the cement.

This press conference in May was intended to drum up political pressure to prevent the jury trial of the two SEIU staff members arrested for attacking Kenneth Gladney in the presence of three witnesses.

How far have these people gone from the words and dreams of Martin Luther King?

This far;

These people need to re-discover the dream before it’s too late.

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