Rick Santelli gives the exact date the US will stop spending itself into ruin

“We need to knuckle under and we need to live more prudently.”

“When do we do that, Rick? When do we do that?”

“November second. November second is the day.”

At 1:29

He then proceeds to inform the panel on CNBC’s Squawk Box what we need to do to bring the economy out of its mess…in no uncertain terms;

I still like this Santelli guy!

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2 Responses to Rick Santelli gives the exact date the US will stop spending itself into ruin

  1. Actually the solutions in many states are being decided in the primary selections. Will bailout voters be returned or not? That is the question indeed and I am hoping that the answer is a resounding NO!

    In Oklahoma the choice is clear in several races: for Governor – Randy Brogdon (Fallin = bailout voter), for CD01 – Nathan Dahm (Sullivan = bailout voter), for CD02 – Howard Houchen (Boren = bailout voter), for CD04 – RJ Harris (Cole = bailout voter).

    Please report on your state in this thread, especially if the primary is still pending! Oklahoma votes July 27th on freedom from bailout voter day!

    We will reaffirm our selections on Nov 2nd, but that will could be too late to eliminate bailout voters if we are not active in the primary selection process sad to say . . .

  2. Paddy McCarthy says:

    Stop spending Rick is 100% right ! woohoo jg my man i a fan now !

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