Hear that? All Obama wants is a “simple up or down vote”

Well, that shouldn’t be so hard, should it?

Today Obama at his weekly address tore into Republicans, accusing them of “obstructionism”;

Obama unleashed a torrent of criticism against the Republicans – accusing them of blocking votes on bills that would save jobs for teachers, lift a $75 million liability cap for oil leaks like the BP spill and help people buy their first home.

“All we ask for is a simple up or down vote. That’s what the American people deserve. Just like they deserve an up or down vote on legislation that would hold oil companies accountable for the disasters they cause – a vote that is also being blocked by the Republican leadership in the Senate,” Obama said. “We should remove that cap. But the Republican leadership won’t even allow a debate or a vote.”

Now, where on Earth have I heard something like that before?

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush and Senate Republicans renewed their pressure on Democrats to stop blocking some of his judicial nominees on Monday, four years to the day that the White House unveiled its first judicial picks.

“Each deserved a simple up-or-down vote by the entire Senate,” Bush said in a statement, pointing out that two of his first nominees from 2001 — Texas judge Priscilla Owen and North Carolina judge Terrence Boyle — have yet to be approved by the Senate.

Owen is one of seven Bush nominees being filibustered by Democrats, while Boyle was blocked in committee by objections from former Democratic Sen. John Edwards in retaliation for similar actions by former GOP Sen. Jesse Helms.

What? Things were different then?

I guess they are, if you consider Rudy Giuliani today on “Morning Joe” noticing that if Bush were still President today, there would be calls from some on the left such as *ahem* Senator Barack Obama for Bush to be impeached.

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