Governor Jan Brewer finds out Feds will sue Arizona – on the Evening News?

Another crock of ***t from this Administration

Yeah, technically Brewer heard about it from Hillary, but now it’s confirmed.

From Hot Air, CBS News now says Obama will challenge SB-1070;

As Hotsheet reported yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a television interview in Ecuador this month that the Obama Justice Department “will be bringing a lawsuit” against the controversial Arizona immigration measure signed into law earlier this year.

The comment was striking because both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder had said only that the administration was considering a suit. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the law, called Clinton’s comments stunning and added that “to learn of this lawsuit through an Ecuadorean interview with the secretary of state is just outrageous.” She has said in the past she is prepared for a court fight.

Another interesting thing is that Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, who was told in a letter sent him by Brewer that he was off the case, has backed down from refusing to let others handle it as directed by Gov. Brewer.

In a letter to Gov. Jan Brewer, Goddard said he still disputes her contention that she alone can control the defense of SB1070 in five separate federal court lawsuits that have been filed so far.

Goddard said while Brewer is entitled to play a role in defending the state, the Arizona Constitution makes him the state’s attorney.

And Goddard said his staff has been working cooperatively with the private attorneys Brewer has hired.

But he told Brewer that a letter she sent him Monday threatening to go to court to have him thrown off the case would create an entire new side issue and detract from the underlying need to defend the law.

“More fundamentally, it would constitute yet another wasteful political lawsuit at taxpayers’ expense at a time when our state cannot afford another political feud,” the attorney general wrote.

Good thinking, Terry. Terry doesn’t approve of SB-1070, seems his heart wasn’t in its defense;

Terry Goddard has made several statements regarding his opposition to the law, which is set to go into effect July 29. With 3 seperate suits filed in federal court, Goddard himself has stated that Arizona’s new law is “a tragic mistake”. (New York Times interview.) Goddard has also stated that he and Governor Brewer would differ on how to best defend a law he does not believe in. [My emphasis]

Verrry interesting, Terry - but schtupid

[UPDATE] Moe has more info AND a Spanish lesson!

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