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Rumors fly on US Army alert level in Korea; DEFCON 1,2,3,4!!1!

We aren’t there…yet Every couple minutes I see an “URGENT: US ARMY IN KOREA AT DEFCON 2!” scroll by, so I checked; By Jung Sung-ki [Yes it’s from 2009, but it explains what goes on] Staff Reporter The South Korea-U.S. … Continue reading

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Texas to get another piece of California

In addition to all the jobs ejecting from the former Golden State I’m now one step closer to having Heaven in Texas; IRVINE, Calif. (May 27, 2010) In-N-Out Burger is expanding the chain to Texas for the first time, the … Continue reading

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Commander, United States Navy, Departing: Remembering Memorial Day 2009

“Memorial Day will forever mean something different to me“ From Skip Rohde; Memorial Day in Baghdad is not like it is in the States.  Okay, so we got a full day off.  Our little group was sitting around dinner in … Continue reading

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