Racist Teapartiers: They must be here somewhere

If they can’t be found, they’ll be invented

Americans for Prosperity went out to cover the April 15th Tea Parties across the country, and copied a nice cross-section of what fed up Americans are all about.

At one such rally, they found a couple of Obama supporters claiming to be against “White Supremacy” and asked them for proof that the Tea Party is racist.

James Taranto wrote;

Meanwhile, Americans for Prosperity has an amusing video rebuttal of the by-now-tired racism charge. The video-makers politely confront some counterprotesters at a tax-day tea-party rally, holding a white sheet bearing the message DEFEND OBAMA: OUTLAW WHITE SUPREMACY.

“Have you seen a lot of people that you would categorize as racists out here today?” asks the AFP interviewer.

Where's the racists?

“I’ve seen enough Confederate flags,” the sheet-holder replies.

The cameraman pans around the crowd looking for Confederate flags, but none can be seen. Interviewer: “I see a lot of American flags, and I see a lot of don’t-tread-on-me [the Gadsden flag]. There’s an Arizona state flag. I don’t see a single Confederate flag anywhere.”

They go back and forth a bit, and finally the guy with the sheet says, “I don’t need to make a case for you.” Asked if he can point to a single racially insensitive sign, the sheet man answers, “Just my analysis.”

Finally the young woman holding the other side of the sheet chimes in: “You’re allowed to be here, and so are we.”
True! But you’re not entitled to your own facts.

But the anti-tea party bunch does in fact feel entitled, not only to their own facts, but your wallets as well. They’ll keep making up alternate reality even as they keep grabbing for your money.



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