Ventura, California #teaparty event

In the car getting ready to head out, but just a preview of how Ventura went.
The event was held at the County Government Center as it was last year, but the speaker’s podium this year was next to the sidewalk on Victoria Ave. Needless to say, cars honking made video recording interesting.
Of the threatened "leftist infiltration", there was none as I was leaving, a few "Rove invaded Iraq" types who on questioning were all three on public assistance. Yep, no vested interest with them /snark off.
A picture I’m including is a mom with her child by her feet schooling a guy who claimed to be 17, ponytailed with sandals and a "goatee".
He was actually reasoned, although skeptical as the woman was countering pretty much everything he was taught about federal government.
Lots more when stuff is downloaded.


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