Bat Boy Waxman strikes out

Swings at major corporations and hits empty air

In the face of blistering criticism after attempting to punish companies who were complying with their government mandated disclosure of finances;

After Barack Obama signed ObamaCare into law, publicly-traded corporations that allow retirees to remain on their prescription medication coverage plans had to announce write-downs against future earnings because of the end of a tax credit for keeping retirees off of Medicare Part D. Henry Waxman demanded that the CEOs come to a Congressional hearing to explain themselves, and then made the same demand when the American Farm Bureau publicly opposed his cap-and-trade bill.

Rep. Joe Barton hammered Waxman’s intimidation tactics here;

Now Waxman finally caves, via Fox News;

Subsequent to Barton’s speech, the pending hearing on large employers and the health care law was dropped from the committee’s schedule

April 14, 2010

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, made the following statement on the House floor this morning about recent attempts by Democrats to intimidate companies that announced earnings changes because of the health care law, and now, the American Farm Bureau because of its opposition to the global warming bill.

Can you say “Bwahahaha!”?

Malkin has more here;

Victory! Democrat Chief Inquisitor Henry Waxman has retreated from his attempt to intimidate companies who dare speak out about the costs and consequences of Obamacare.

His April 21 witch hunt session has been cancelled, according to left-wingers. (Update: Fox also reporting same.) The event is still listed on the House Energy and Commerce with the press release from last month, but no further information.

I’ll even add a “Muhaha” to that. Now, back to your cave Henry.


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