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Wonder why healthcare is so expensive? Illegal Immigration, partially

Who knew? Oh, we did Advertisements

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US Chief Law Enforcement Officer shows once again he’s no fan of Law Enforcement

First, Police Chief of the United States Barack Obama jumps at the chance to say police “acted stupidly” before knowing anything of the details of the detention of Professor Gates in Cambridge. Now with the passing of the Arizona immigration … Continue reading

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Can we just stop with calling police “Gestapo”? [Updated X2]

Look, I think it’s a funny picture; little old ladies with police wearing riot gear standing behind them. As if the ladies are a threat to national security? I get that. What I’m not getting is some of the ratcheted … Continue reading

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Nice job, NRSC. Hey Crist, gonna give any of that swell money back?

Quit backing losers and squishes or get out of the way Doubt he will, as Erick Erickson writes, Crist blew that wad already; Charlie Crist will not only run as an independent in Florida, but he has also reserved all … Continue reading

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San Francisco officials should think before opening their collective pie holes about Arizona

In the wake of Arizona’s passage of SB 1070 many on the left have weighed in on various aspects of the new law, calling it “racist”, and “Nazi-like”, among other idiocies. None that I’ve heard so far equal the elected … Continue reading

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The Circus is coming to Arizona!

And all the microphone-grubbing clowns will pile out of one tiny car First, the Arizona clown show makes a pre-appearance in California as Illegal Immigrant’s Rights groups mass at Feinstein’s orifice office; CALIFORNIA Los Angeles Saturday April 24 3:30, at … Continue reading

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Racist Teapartiers: They must be here somewhere

If they can’t be found, they’ll be invented Americans for Prosperity went out to cover the April 15th Tea Parties across the country, and copied a nice cross-section of what fed up Americans are all about. At one such rally, … Continue reading

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