What? No “Homecoming Parade” for Obama? I thought you liked us now™ Pt. II

Or, Change you thought you believed in

I don’t know what it is lately, but after hearing how TehWon would “Fundamentally Change” America, I just assumed the whole world was supposed to love the United States. It was automatic.

The Obama Doctrine (try looking down your nose at that, Mr. Gibson) of diminishing the United States would restore our rightful place among the mediocre; where no nation would ever look upon us with envy again. Envy breeds contempt, and all that, so apparently if other nations feel sorry for us, they’ll like us. Or something; “Undermine our allies. Embolden our enemies. Diminish our country.”

Well, it isn’t working. The enemy (yes Michelle, there is an enemy) is emboldened, our friends have been properly belittled, and if you on the left thought President Bush hurt our county’s image globally, take a look at how the world sees us now.

Hugo Chavez still smells sulfur (maybe Obama was supposed to pay for that book?), and Iran sanctions? Forget about it;

China has balked at supporting a fourth round of U.N. sanctions on Iran. That has emboldened countries on the council, such as Brazil, Turkey and Lebanon, to also express opposition.

The administration’s plan in effect would label China as a country cooperating in the U.S.-led drive to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and appears to be part of a broader strategy to prod Beijing to vote for a new sanctions resolution. The three previous resolutions enjoyed broad support in the 15-member council, so any result that includes several abstentions or no votes would be viewed as a major diplomatic setback.

But the administration’s lobbying for a Chinese exemption has raised eyebrows in Congress and angered several allies, most notably South Korea and Japan, which would not be exempted under the administration’s plan.

Hillary’s snubbing in South America was over the same issue; Iran sanctions. Does anything look like “Hope and Change™” is actually working?

So next (March 20-22) Obama is to return to his childhood home in Jakarta, Indonesia, where an expected “increase of investments by U.S. companies into the Indonesian economy” (read US jobs fleeing the country) should bring unbridled joy to the streets.

Whoops again.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Scores of Islamic students staged protests outside Jakarta’s parliament and in at least three other major Indonesian cities on Friday against President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to this predominantly Muslim country.

The students carried banners branding Obama as an enemy of Islam and an imperialist in downtown Jakarta as well as in the provincial capitals Padang, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

They also threw shoes at large pictures of Obama’s head. An Iraqi journalist was sentenced to a year in prison for throwing his shoes at U.S. President George W. Bush during a news conference in Baghdad in 2008.


Local government officials allowed business people to erect a statue of a 10-year-old Obama in a Jakarta park in December. But it was shifted last month to a nearby elementary school that he attended after more than 50,000 people supported a Facebook campaign against it and court action was threatened.

Obama is expected to sign the statue’s pedestal while in Jakarta.

One can only hope as he bends to sign the pedestal, someone doesn’t kick him from behind.

You know, I’m starting to think the world still doesn’t like us, and it wasn’t Bush’s fault after all.

Ya think?

Welcome to “Elections have Consequences”, part…whatever the hell we’re up to now…


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