Sen. Harkin: to be against Health Care Reform is RAAACIST?

What else can we infer?

Among the nuggets today at the Ambush Summit were these which belonged to Sen. Tom Harkin;

Lastly, I would like to put this in a different kind of a contextual framework. We don’t allow segregation in our country on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, et cetera. Twenty years ago this year, we also said we’re not going to allow segregation on the basis of disability, and we passed the Americans with Disabilities Act.
And yet we still allow segregation in America today on the basis of your health. Why should we? Why should we allow that to happen?
It’s time to stop segregating people on the basis of their health. That’s why insurance reform is so vital, because the health insurance industry in this country is based on a flaw. And the flaw is the ratings are based on segregating people because of their health.

So now people without free healthcare provided by the government are like people with dark colored skin who were at one time forced to sit at the back of the bus, were not allowed to vote, and were considered less a person than their white equivalents?

Way to denigrate the civil rights movement, Tom.

Another nugget from Tom came in the form of a letter (another Dem with an overfilled mailbox) from a strawman, who turns out actually to be real;

“The best option would be for the U.S. Congress to pass comprehensive health care reform, resulting in affordable health care for all. The health of my family and the future of my small business depends on it.
“Sincerely, Raymond Smith, Buffalo Center, Iowa.”

Well, the “letter” probably didn’t have to be mailed at all, but more likely handed to the Senator;

However, Harkin did not mention that Raymond Smith is the brother of Dan Smith who works for the senator. Harkin’s office says he read the farmer’s full name and city and therefore had nothing to hide.
But one former Buffalo Center resident says Harkin was being disingenuous and dishonest for not disclosing the connection.

Sen. Harkin with unidentified Senate colleagues


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