The US fiscal future fortold by a California Democrat?

I keep saying it, as goes California…

h/t Levin

Strange things sometimes happen in California, that pretty much goes without saying. As someone currently residing in the state, I see my share, believe that.

One thing I’m not often treated to out here is a Democrat in state government actually telling the truth (without spin) about the fiscal swirl the state is currently taking around the toilet bowl.

An alert reader at the Sacramento Bee took a video clip of an otherwise boring informational hearing and thoughtfully slapped it up on YouTube which was shared with the SacBee.

HotAir got hold of it as did Joel Fox of Fox&Hounds Daily who said;

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer generated a storm last week with his testimony before the Senate and Assembly Select Committees on Improving State Government.

He warned that public pensions and health care costs could bankrupt the state, that taxes will not go up, and that the legislature should clean up its act by getting rid of “junk” bills. An edited clip of his testimony can be viewed here.

Some might argue this was Lockyer’s Nixon-to-China moment, telling his Democratic colleagues to deal forthrightly with the state’s fiscal realities. In FlashReport, Former Republican State Senator Ray Haynes that Lockyer as the state senate leader had a different view of pensions, but now welcomed him to the fight.

I heard Levin today amazed by what he heard Lockyer saying, as was I when he shared it with his audience. I combine Levin’s audio with the YouTube video below.

Levin goes on to say that you’ll never see a national Democrat figure with the guts to say these things, because he or she would be excoriated by their peers. Full audio here and clip begins at 55:30.

How long has the left been in charge in California? Even Democrats are throwing their hands up at the mess their own side has created. Look how much faster Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have been able to push the US economy toward where California is today?

California is the perfect example of how bad things will get nationally, and everybody needs to know that.

Before it’s too late.


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  2. dmoyeroh says:

    Excellent post. How long HAS the left been in charge of California, anyway? I can’t remember the last time I heard about a Republican administration (Ah-Nold notwithstanding, he’s pretty much a RINO anyway). I’m sure glad my parents got out of CA in 1970!

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